About Peer In Therapy


My mission is to provide a safe, nurturing, and compassionate environment that fosters healing and wisdom for all parts of oneself through therapeutic services, and life-enhancing groups.

Kim provides a comfortable and professional environment, where people can feel confident they are receiving the best of care. Allow me to provide you the healing and care you need to live a life full of confidence and purpose.


Many years ago Kim’s personal struggles brought her into contact with a psychotherapist who specialized in a type of therapy called Primary Emotional Energy Recovery (P.E.E.R.). P.E.E.R. is a modality of therapy developed by Dan Jones, Ph.D and John Lee, Ph.D, that is designed to assist in bringing the body and feelings more fully into a healing process. For Kim, P.E.E.R. therapy’s ability to identify deep, core beliefs and to release energy was not only life changing for her personally it also changed how she conducts her private practice. Kim has been involved with P.E.E.R. therapy training with John Lee, Dan Jones, Connie Burns, Vijay Director, and Karen Blicher for four years. In addition to P.E.E.R., Kim utilizes the form of therapy Internal Family Systems (I.F.S.) developed by Richard Schwartz. She has completed 120 hours of training in Internal Family Systems. Kim combines P.E.E.R. and I.F.S. to best met the needs of her clientele.

Personal Statement

The most important aspect of therapy for me is safety. It is my responsibility to provide and create a safe environment for the client through a non-judgmental, gentle, agenda-free atmosphere. The goal of therapy is the recovery of your primary emotional energy to invoke internal freedom, thus bringing external creative purposefulness.

Why I Became a Therapist

I never thought I would graduate from high school. Not because I was academically challenged, but rather quite honestly I did not believe I would live to be 18. Around the age of 11, I became a daily drinker. Alcohol brought great pain and destruction to my life and "drank" all passion and purpose from me. When I was 24, I was placed in an alcoholic medical detoxification unit. It wasn't my first time in detox but praise God it was my last. Eventually, I became a therapist because without compassionate, empathetic counselors coming into my life and teaching me how to live life without alcohol and with purpose I would have died. Today I have my masters. Today I have over 20 years of sobriety. Today I have the privilege of being a compassionate, empathetic, and purposeful therapist who helps others find and live their own purpose.